Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Step 2 CS: Hoarseness

This is a very easy case because there are limited number of  things that can cause hoarseness of voice.
Infection causing laryngitis - Ask for GERD, sore throat

Vocal polyp or nodule - Ask for voice overuse

Laryngeal cancer - Ask for weight, appetite changes, smoking and alcohol

Hypothyroidism - Ask for cold intolerance, constipation, skin changes

MV disease - Ask for palpitations, fatigue

Ask for any lumps of bumps since cancer can impinge on one of the nerves and can cause hoarseness.


  1. Can't lung cancer also cause impinging on the recurrent laryngeal nerve that can cause hoarseness?

  2. Yup, so can a thyroid mass (especially a feature of malignant ones)
    Also, my ORL lecturers tell us to say only 'hoarseness', not 'hoarseness of voice', since only the voice can be hoarse, nothing else could be


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