Thursday, April 7, 2016

Step 2 CS: How to introduce yourself

"Mr. XXX?"

"Hi. I am Dr. _______. I am the attending physician today and I am here to take care of you."

"Are you comfortable in the room?"

"Let me put this drape on you to make you more comfortable."

"Is it okay with you that I take some notes while interviewing you just so I don't miss out on any important points?"

"So tell me, what brought you to the clinic?"

If  patient is in acute distress - Do not do all this. Attend to the patient and make sure he is alright. If he is, then you can introduce yourself. Don't sit down if the patient is dying :P

Commonly asked questions:

Should I introduce myself as a medical student or a doctor?
Why? Because the CS info manual says this:
Your role during the examination should be that of at least a first-year postgraduate resident physician with primary responsibility for the care of each patient. You should treat each patient you see as you would a real patient. Communicate in a professional and empathetic manner, being responsive to the patient’s needs. Do not defer decision-making to others. It may be helpful to think of yourself working in a setting where you are the only provider present.

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  1. Perhaps this was previously true but the second part to this is now false. In the CS Info Manual on the page right after the quote about being "at least a first-year postgraduate resident physician," it's stated "You may introduce yourself however you wish, as either a medical student or as a doctor."


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