Thursday, May 19, 2016

Intermediates in Gluconeogenesis mnemonic

Hi guys!
So today I wanted to talk to you about Gluconeogenesis.

The first thing is that gluconeogenesis takes place in the mitochondria.
Now when anyone says, "mitochondria", I (and probably all of us) immediately jump to, "mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell".

Leading with that example, the closest thing to a power house that I can think of is a nuclear power plant. So, let's equate the mitochondria to the nuclear power plant.

If there is one vehicle that can come in and out of a nuclear power plant without any problem that would be the Prime Minister's car.

Now, let's take just the initials from Prime Minister's Car: We would get P M C

And what are 3 compounds that start from these letters?
We have Pyruvate, Malate and Citrate.

So that's your mnemonic.
There's a small flow chart detailing the cycle.

Really hope you liked it (It's my first post)
Do let me know! :D

- M


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