Friday, May 20, 2016

Classification of enzymes mnemonic


This mnemonic on classification of enzymes was submitted by Mohd. Ayub Ali.

The mnemonic is, "On The Himalayas, Lyf (life) Is Lightened."

I.   Oxireductase (O..)
II.  Transferase (T..)
III. Hydrolase (H..)
IV. Lyase (Ly..)
V.  Isomerase (Is..)
Vi. Ligase (Lig..)

Most of the times, we get confuse the order between class number IV (Lyase) and class number VI (Ligase). I hope this interesting sentence, ''On The Himalayas Lyf  Is Lightened'' will remove the confusion.

That's all friends!

Thank you, Ayub for sending this mnemonic to us! Waaaay better than the OTHLIL mnemonic! :)


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  1. Over The HILL“


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