Monday, May 23, 2016

Bile acid sequestrants mnemonic

Hello! The bile acid binding resins are:

I'll talk about Cholestyramine in this post!

- Anion exchange resin.
- Binds negatively-charged bile acids and bile salts, decreasing enterohepatic recirculation (Increasing their excretion in the feces.)
Mnemonic: Styramine and Stipol Stop bile acid and bile Salt reabsorption.
- Can interfere with the absorption of fat soluble vitamins and drugs like warfarin

Side effects:
- Steatorrhea
- Bloating
- Constipation
That is why, cholestyramine is used for treatment of chronic diarrhoea due to bile acid malabsorption as may occur after abdominal surgery or in association with inflammatory bowel disease (Post-ileal resection Crohn's patients)
- Increases risk for gallstones (Decreased concentration of bile acids, relatively more cholesterol)

That's all!

I was reading about chronic gastropathy when I came across cholesytramine for the treatment of chronic gastritis due to bile reflux. I couldn't remember what it was, and hence the blog xD

Have a fun week ahead you guys!


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