Monday, May 23, 2016

Bartters, Gitelmans and Liddles syndrome mnemonic


Bartters, Gitelmans and Liddles syndrome present with chloride resistant (high urinary chloride) hypokalemic metabolic alkalosis.

What differentiates them:
Bartters: Hypercalciuric (Furosemide like! Loops lose calcium, remember?)
Gitelman: Hypocalciuric (Thiazides don't!) and Hypomagnesemia. Presents with cramping and spasms.
Liddles: Presents with hypertension, metabolic alkalosis and hypokalemia (Aldosterone excess like!)

Here's a mnemonic for it!

"FaceBook GoT ALL HYPER about a Little syndrome"

FB - Bartter's is like Furosemide
GoT - Gitelman Thiazide
Alhyper little - Liddles is like HyperALdosteronemia

These syndromes are rare, so it’s important to rule out more common causes (Like diuretics)

That's all!

Here's an aphorism by Sir William Osler: “Care more for the individual patient than for the special features of his disease.” :)



  1. Hi, may I ask for Liddle syndrome is the distal convoluted tubules or collecting duct that is affected?

    1. According to Robbins it’s Distal tubule👍🏻


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