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USMLE STEP 1: Psychiatry: Malingering and Factitious disorders.

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 So whenever you come across a clinical vignette in which the patient comes with UNEXPLAINED symptoms or complaints and doesn't seem to have an actual illness, but is either faking it or creating it, the patient is either MALINGERING or has a FACTITIOUS DISORDER.

To distinguish between the two is important so as to come to a correct diagnosis.

Malingering :
  • the patient is Consciously Faking the symptoms ( for example: faking a cough ).
  • Claims to have a disorder in order to attain a specific goal, external gain ( for example: obtaining concession, compensation) .
  • Poor compliance with the diagnostic tests or treatment.
  • Stops visiting the doctor once the external goal has attained.
Factitious disorders:  It includes : Munchausen syndrome and Munchausen syndrome by proxy.
  • the patient is Consciously Creating the symptoms.
  • the symptoms could be physical ( for example: creating burn marks ) or psychological ( for example: assuming sick role or sick role by proxy).
  • chief goal is internal gain which is to gain medical attention.
  • Multiple hospital admissions and willingness to undergo invasive procedures.

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