Sunday, July 3, 2016


Hi everyone!

So, here's what I found interesting today!

Dysphagia is awareness of something sticking in the throat or retrosternally during swallowing.

Whereas, odynophagia is pain as food or drink descends the esophagus. It almost always implies an infection of esophagus e.g.candida esophagus in HIV patients.

Remember, dysphagia often has a significant cause which can be malignant and almost always needs investigation!

Can there be different patterns of dysphagia?
It can be more for solids than liquids.
When it is rapidly progressive, look out for a malignant cause! When it's fairly less rapid in progression, suspect a benign stricture (rarely an esophageal pouch)!

Or, it can be more for liquids than solids.
This usually is the case in neurogenic dysphagia and can be sometimes associated with aspiration or coughing.

That's all!
- Rippie

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