Friday, July 29, 2016

Local anaesthetics - What's in a name?

Personally I am very bad at remembering weird names. I feel like I am being bullied, horribly tortured for the sins I have committed whenever I have to deal with learning names.

Anyways chuck remembering stupid names, we will be smart and figure out a way to remember them..without trying too hard. Like using Google maps to reach a place through shortcuts :D

So Aminoesters and aminoamides are the two types of local anaesthetic in use.

You just need to remember that the esters has only one letter "I" and the amides has two letter "I"

Also that the esters can be effectively neutralised by the cholinesterase in plasma, that's pretty nice cause these substances are known to cause allergic reactions.

Just for the sake of naming.
The highly unstable esters are..

And again just for the sake of completing this post-

They are dreadful I agree..but "I" will save the day :D

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