Friday, July 29, 2016

Step 2 CK: Types of incontinence mnemonic

Here's a short post on types of incontinence. It is important to know for step 2 CK as well as step 2 CS!

Stress incontinence: Remember S!
Sphincter: Due to failure of sphincteric mechanism to remain closed during sudden increases in intra abdominal pressure.
Sneeze: Occurs when intraabdominal pressure increases while sneezing,laughing or couging.
Strength: In women, it is usually due to decreased strength of pelvic floor muscles.
Surgery: In men, it is usually secondary to prostate surgery.
Support: Insufficient urethral support due to chronic cough, obesity, injury during childbirth.

Causes of urge incontinence: Remember the vowels "IOU"
Irritable: Due to local irritation
Overactive: Due to detrusor overactivity
Urge: Urge incontinence

Overflow incontinence: The bladder distends, distends and overflows since it can't store urine anymore! Happens with weak detrusor contractility (Denervation in Diabetes mellitus, detrusor underactivity due to low estrogen) or in bladder outlet obstruction (BPH in men and cystocele in women)

That's all!
However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light.


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