Saturday, August 13, 2016

#AnswerTime: A patient with delusion

Here's the answer to a question we posted earlier:

Morbid jealousy.
Othello syndrome.

If you thought the husband was delusional, you aren't the only one! :D

Funny screenshots from the study group
Apparently, misdiagnosis has a fancy term in psychiatry :P

Funny screenshots from the study group
There was a female named Martha Mitchell.  She was the wife of some moderately powerful politician.
And accused the President , (Nixon at that time) of illegal activities.
People thought she was delusional. As she also said they wanted to kill her.
Eventually the "Watergate" scandal came out. And she was reinstated :p
And they realised she was right.  All along.
Hence whenever any psychiatrist misdiagnoses a rather weird fact as a delusion , it's called Martha Mitchell effect.

By A. P. Burkolderia

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