Saturday, August 13, 2016

#QuizTime: A patient with delusion

A 32 year old male patient came to the Psychiatry  OPD complaining  that his wife wanted to kill him. He was asked why he didn't report to the police , to which he said they were not ready to believe him.
He was suspected of having a delusion of persecution.
However , the patient was conscious and well oriented. He gave accurate socio-demographic history. He explained that his wife was becoming more and more obsessed with the idea of him having an affair with another woman. She'd follow him everywhere , not allow him to use his phone , not let him be active on social media or even talk to the opposite sex at social events. He had lost contact with almost all of his friends now as she'd even come to work with him and wait in the car till he was done.  This has been going on progressively for 2 years. But things got out of hand when she typed back a disgustingly rude and threatening message to one of his female colleges from work yesterday.
He showed the evidence of the same to the psychiatrist. 
His MSE was as follows : the patient was moderately well dressed , mildly restless. His speech was normal.  No flight of ideas or racing thoughts. His mood was not euphoric or hostile.  Before the rest of the examination could be completed you saw a female peeping into your room. You were about to ask her who she was when she screamt at you "You Who*re! You're sleeping with my husband !"
#Psychiatry #Toxicology

Question written  by A. P. Burkolderia

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