Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Behcet's syndrome mnemonic

Hey guys! 
So I wanted to write something about Behcets and created a lame mnemonic for it.
Let's start :D

The recurrent aphthous ulcerations are absolutely necessary for the diagnosis of Behcets disease.
The ulcers are usually painful, are shallow or deep with central yellowish necrotic base, appear singly or in crops, and are located anywhere in the oral cavity.

B could remind you of U for ulcers, idk :/ *see image below*

Remember the CETS in behCETS.

The genital ulcers are less common. *slang alert* C could remind you of Cock for genital ulcers.

Eye involvement with scarring and bilateral panuveitis is the most dreaded complication. Iritis, posterior uveitis, retinal vessel occlusions, and optic neuritis can be seen in some patients with the syndrome. E for eye involvement.

T stands for tongue, which reminds me of the oral involvement I mentioned earlier.

S stands for skin. Skin involvement is observed in 80% of patients and includes folliculitis, erythema nodosum, an acne-like exanthem, and, infrequently, vasculitis, Sweet syndrome, and pyoderma gangrenosum.

Extra: Nonspecific skin inflammatory reactivity to any scratches or intradermal saline injection (pathergy test) is a major diagnostic criteria for diagnosis.

Here's an image you can save as a flashcard.

That's all!

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