Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Neurogenic claudication

Did you know there is something called as neurogenic claudication?

It's back, buttock or leg pain while walking or standing. It is relieved by sitting.

Unlike vascular claudication, where pain occurs on exertion, neurogenic claudication is position dependent.

For example: A person with neurogenic claudication can walk much farther while leaning on a shopping cart or pedal a stationary bike with ease.

Why is that?

Flexed position increase the anteroposterior spinal canal diameter and reduce intraspinal venous hypertension, resulting in pain relief.

Another clue which differentiates vascular claudication from neurogenic claudication is pulses. Lower extremity pulses will be intact in neurogenic claudication.

What causes neurogenic claudication?
Lumbar spinal stenosis!

That's all!


  1. There is also "Venous claudication" seen in chronic venous insufficiency secondary to Illiofemoral DVT with inadequate collaterals.


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