Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wilsons disease mnemonic

So this bed time story was told to me by my granma in 2000 (who can see the future and knows who the POTUS will be in 2016 :P)
Its a story about a guy who uses a "WILSON's" racquet to play tennis. And you all probably know this legend right?

Roger Federer.

He is a class act and always cool but this fictitious story explores his other side..... :p

He is a "young guy" from a "Western country". As you can see he uses a "Wilson" racquet and a head band which makes his hair "Auto"matically "Recede" (Autosomal Recessive). He usually is cool coz he sketches a gameplan before a match with his " Copper" fountain pen. In deep thoughts he unknowingly chews on his copper pen and had to buy a lot of pens due to this weird habit.

Enough with the intro, lets go back to the past.....
It was 2013 (Chromosome 13) and he had already won a lot of "ATP" tennis titles and & "7" wim'B'ledon titles till then (ATP 7B) and he was ready to do it again.
But everything changed that fateful day.....

He walked casually as he does always and entered the court. He could see the "yellow" tennis balls and thought "those balls are awefully Jaundiced :P. Then he looked at the referee for the match, it was Ser Bil (serum  bilirubin) who was fat and "elevated" on a chair. Fedex thought "Boy that is a big belly! Is the referee fat or term pregnant or ascitic (ascitis)?" But he had no time to ponder on it and went to his chair. As soon as the match started he could feel something was not right. He became anxious and he could notice his "movements" at the base line (basal ganglia) were not in coordiantion (incoordination), his hands began to shake (Tremors) and his tone wasnt proper (dystonia).

He started playing badly and realised that the match was slipping away like a loose disc in the spine, he then started panting and running frantically and all it resulted in was increased sweating (autonomic dysfunction), which ultimately led to dehydration and as you may know, it can cause stones in kidneys. (Renal stones/Nephrolithiasis). During the last set, the thirsty thoughts clouded his mind and all he could see in his eyes was a "sunflower" coloured (cataract) KingFisher (KF = Kayser-Fleischer rings) draught beer can. Finally, he lost the match. He was already upset about his "amenorrhoea" (coz he is a guy XD) and the loss added to it like a HDV superinfection on HBV . At the end, he lost more than a match, he also "lost control of his emotions" (loss of emotional control) . He lost interest in his life (depression) but not in his wife (loss of sexual inhibition).

Seeing this , his wife took him to a hospital and the doctor there said "Do you want me to check your pee (Urinary Cu), or do you want a biopsee (liver biopsy)?" So they did the less painful test and results showed there is copper in his pee. The doctor said, "Stop chewing your pen and start getting some zen (Zinc). And before its too late, I need to chelate (Trientine & Penicillamine)"
So he got some chelation, went home from the doctors office licking his "Zinc" pen like a happy kid licking his lollipop and lived happily ever after.


Written by Swadeep Raj (aka DJ AweSpear, the Jon Snow of Medicowesome :P )

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