Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Why smoking is protective for endometrial cancer?

Smoking is a risk factor for quite a number of cancers. But it can be protective for certain diseases as ulcerative colitis.

It is also protective for endometrial carcinoma and how?
1. It reduces estrogen level
2. Decreases weight
3. Associated with early menopause.

Remember that endometrial cancer is due to excess estrogen..and even being obese or having diabetes mellitus is a well known risk factor

Irrespective smoking is bad for health. Each cigarette reduces your life span by 11 minutes or so they say.

Live happy stay healthy



  1. Smoking is also protective for fibroids

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  3. smoking works by inhibiting peripheral aromitase enzyme and thereby decrease production of androgen to estrogen.. It is protective mainly in fibroid by also decreasing vascularity and decrease estrogen in estrogen depend tumors☺


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