Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Study group discussion: Bradycardia

Name the causes of bradycardia!

Physiological bradycardia is seen during sleep and in athletes.

In typhoid fever, yellow fever and brucellosis, we see relative bradycardia.

Pathological bradycardia is seen in hypothermia, hypothyroidism, raised intracranial tension & inferior wall myocardial infarction, hypertension, bradyarrhythmia, etc.

What is relative bradycardia?

In fever, we would normally expect tachycardia. But despite the fever being there, here the rate is not high, therefore, relative bradycardia.

For every degree rise in temperature, the pulse increases by 10 bpm. When there is fever and the heart rate doesn't increase proportionately, it is termed relative bradycardia

Why does obstructive jaundice causes bradycardia?

I thought it was because of the effect of raised bilirubin on tha SA node. But I didn't find any resources on it .

Here's what a research paper said: Sinus bradycardia is not a feature of obstructive jaundice and that high serum bile acid concentrations do not exert a slowing effect on the sino-atrial node.


  1. Bilirubin.
    And bile acid.
    Two different things.
    Bile acid is the fella that has a dissolving effect on the guys that cause stones (bilirubin. And cholesterol)


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