Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Indices of obesity mnemonic

Let's mnemonic-fy everything!

Ponderal index is Height in Cm divided by Cube Root of body Weight in kg.

Corpulence index is Actual weight divided by Desirable weight.

Bros height is - 100: Broccas index is Height minus hundred.

Lorentz formula... It's complicated to mnemonic-fy. But if you're desperate, stay with me.
LB: Lorentz is Brocca (Ht - 100) subtracted by something.
Something = Brocca + 50 divided by (2 for women, 4 for men)
Brocca + 50 = Ht - 100 + 50 = Ht - 150

BMI is simple, you guys! You don't need a mnemonic for it. Just remember that height is in metre square and not in centimeter like the other indices. Body mass index is also known as Quetlet’s index.

Here's a NEET / PG CET kind of MCQ for you (=

Which of the following indices of obesity is height independent:
Quetlet’s index
Ponderal index
Broca’s index
Corpulence index

Broca's index: The individual's HEIGHT ( in cms ) - 100 = maximum weight (in kg)

Body mass index (Quetelet's index) (BMI):
Weight (in kg) divided by (HEIGHT in meters)²

Corpulence index: Actual weight (in kg) divided by desirable weight (in kg). In obesity, this should exceed 1.2
NOT dependent on height.

Answer: Corpulence index

That's all!

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