Saturday, October 22, 2016

Wolff–Chaikoff effect mnemonic


Here's an awesome mnemonic on Wolff–Chaikoff effect sent to us by Hari!

For those of you who don't know what Wolff–Chaikoff effect is, it is a reduction in thyroid hormone levels caused by ingestion of a large amount of iodine.
Hari imagines a Wolf having iodine chai and Koffee (Coffee). He even sent a cute hand drawn wolf with the mnemonic!

Wolff–Chaikoff effect mnemonic
Here's another way of remembering it, submitted by Assad Saad:

Wolf-Chaik-OFF: Thyroid turns off :)

Since thyroid storm it's also called Basedow Disease, I know that Jod-Basedow effect is the one with more thyroid activity when iodide is ingested, and Wolf-Chaikoff its the other one :)
(Also, Jod is German for Iode)

That's all!

Thanks Hari and Assad! :)



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