Saturday, October 22, 2016

Authors diary: IkaN's real name (Meaning and pronunciation of Nakeya)


IkaN from Medicowesome here!
This video and post is from the authors diary! :D

People have been asking me what my real name is and how I pronounce it so I thought of making a video on it.

There you go! :)

Nakeya / Nakiya / Naquiyah means:
Pure in Arabic ( نقية ).

IkaN is:
My pen name.
Anagram for my pet name, Naki.
Pun for the words, "I can."

My other pet names:
Nakku, Nakki, Naks and Nokia.

Nakkee means:
For sure, sure enough, booked, decided or definitely in Gujarati ( નક્કી ) and Marathi ( नक्की ) !

Takiya means: 
Pillow in Hindi (तकिया) and Urdu ( تکیا ).

Naak means:
Nose in Hindi ( नाक ) and Urdu ( ناک ).

Ikan means:
Fish in Indonesian.

That's all!
I am not naked :P


  1. Just Stumbled.
    Awesome stuff, Much love,
    Dr. and usmle aspirant, from Pakistan :)

    1. Did u ever post your own personal usmle steps experince? I tried looking but I couldn't find it. Would be interested seeing how dedicated you are :)
      Also, I saw in your post at the beginning of this year, you wrote about how last year it seemed difficult for u to train in the US but by the end there was a glimmer of hope and unknown doors opened.
      If it's not too personal, can u maybe elaborate that part a bit on what went wrong then how fate made it right?
      I could really use a little hope and motivation :)

    2. I did. It's not very detailed. It's in the contents page, authors diary section:

      I wish I was more dedicated though =D The score never seems enough.

      Long story short, I couldn't afford "paid" electives. I was gonna quit based on finances alone =(
      I applied again, got in good places for electives, the finances worked out too, somehow. It seems like a miracle when I look back. I'm still on a lot of loans but I think I can make it.

      You can too, give your best and leave out all the rest =)

    3. you dont like it here in india? aipge neet aiims n all?

    4. What? Don't like? Who told you that? I LOVE India!!! <3

  2. haha finally I saw this, sis. Nakeya or rather Nakiya (as you pronounce) in Sinhalese(Sri Lanka) means, Old man (rather derogatory way). haha!!

    Until now I thought its Nakéya. Like e pronounced as e in Cafe. :P

    Keep up the good work in teaching and inspiring us sis! :D

    1. Hahaha I didn't know this!

      Nakeya with a cafe sounds so cool xD

      Thaank you =D

  3. Hello ma'am! luv a lots....n ur blog too:) can u plz give me sujay sir's number plzzzz. Thank you in advance; )

    1. Oh thank you :)

      Of course - why don't you email me?


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