Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Brachial plexus mnemonic

This was probably the most important answer you must have encountered during your 1st year.

Here are tricks to remember Brachial Plexus!

First of all remember this:
Mnemonic: "Re-Take Drinks & See Birds."
R = Roots (Re)
T = Trunks (Take)
D = Divisions (Drinks)
C = Cords (See)
B = Branches (Birds)

A) Branches of the Roots.
Mnemonic: "She looks pretty sexy & rude."
1) She = Serratus anterior nerve(C5-C7)
2) Looks = Longus colli(C5-C8)
3) Pretty = Phrenic(C4)
4) Sexy = Scaleni muscles (C5-C8)
5) Rude = Rhomboids (C5)

B) Branches of the Trunks
1) Sub-clavius (C5-C6)
2) Suprascapular (C5-C6)
(Remember Sup / b because p is inverted b)

C) Branches of cords 

1) Branches of lateral cord

Mnemonic: "Look miss look."
a) Look = Lateral pectoral (C5-C7)
b) Miss = Musculocutaneous (C5-C7)
c) Look = Lateral root of median (C5-C7)

2) Branches of medial cord 
Mnemonic: "M4U"
a) Medial Pectoral (C8-T1)
b) Medial cutaneous nerve of arm (C8-T1)
c) Medial cutaneous nerve of forearm (C8-T1)
d) Median root of median (C8-T1)
e) Ulnar (C7-T1)

3) Branches of posterior cord
Mnemonic: "ULNAR"
a) U = Upper Subscapular (C5-C6)
b) L = Lower Subscapular (C5-C6)
c) N = Nerve to latissimus dorsi (C6-C8)
d) A = Axillary (C5-C6)
e) R = Radial (C5-T1)
Note: ULNAR is mnemonic for branches of posterior cord, there is no involvement of ulnar nerve here!


  1. U can use ultra instead of ulnar to avoid confusion for posterior cord branches... T for thoracodorsal

  2. Yoo! This was better than mine :)Thanks

  3. Mnemonic for branches of roots helped alot

  4. you can also use Reach To Drink Cold Beer for roots , trunks , divisions , cords and branches.


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