Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Cephalosporins : A mnemonic to get you out of the Cepho-pocalypse

Hello Everyone !
I have with me today a somewhat easy way to remember the Cephalosporins. To rescue you of the Cepha-pocalypse, if you will. Rid you of your Cepha-problems with some Cepha-lutions. (Had to say that. Sorry for the Cephalameness ;;) .)
So the 1st Generation are 3 drugs .
Remember : ZoLeDrox:
So add cef everywhere now

Now the 2nd Generation.
Remember : ChloroFuro carbons
So CefaChlor And Cefuroxime
(2nd is the least imp generation. So to hell with it. )

The 3rd Generation  is the most important.
So first the Parenteral  ones.
Cef (Pronounce Saif like Saif Ali Khan)  Opera (like Oprah Winfrey)
Taxi me
Cefti(Like Safety) ke liye
Axe and
Cefta ke liye not even a
Dime (like the money dime)
So add Cef to Opera and Taxi-me to get Cefoperazone And Cefotaxime.
And further add Cefti / Cefta to the next two respectively to get :
And Ceftazidime
So that gives you 4 Parenteral drugs.  Cefoperazone Cefotaxime Ceftriaxone Ceftazidime.

Now Oral ones.
(Whenever I think of 'Oral' - Denaerys Targaryean comes to my mind. God knows the reason for this Ceph-oral Problems ;;) )
Remember : Denaerys Xi (pronounce Chi) Beauty
Add Cef related prefixes to each of the 3 words to get your drugs.
Cefdinir  Cefixime And Ceftibuten.

And That, friends, is the story of the Cephalosporins. Now there's 4th and 5th generations too. But doing them all together can lead to a Cepha-tastrophe. ;;) That's all this time. Hope you found this helpful. Let me know what other topics you'll would like to learn in an easier way.
Bye :)

1 comment:

  1. Oral 3rd gen cephalosporonins....
    Fix Dinner in Tibet at 3pm.
    tibet.... China....Cefsporin
    3pm..3rd gen


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