Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Radial nerve mnemonic

I am gonna put radial nerve in the simplest form mostly including mnemonics how to learn it's huge muscles supply!

Remember when you were in 1st year and how these nerves used to test your patience?! Let's make it easy.

-Nerve root: C5-T1

-Sensory nerve supply:
Skin of dorsal surface of forearm
Lateral side of the dorsal part of palm
Lateral 3 & 1/2 digits

-Motor nerve supply:
(It supplies extensor compartment)
Here is mnemonic
S: Supinator.
I: Extensor indices.
D: Extensor Digitorum.
B: Brachioradialis.
A: Anconeus.
T: Triceps.
C: Extensor carpi radialis longus.
C: Extensor carpi radialis brevis .
A: Anconeus.
P: Extensor pollicis brevis.
P: Extensor pollicis Longus.
CU: Extensor carpi ulnaries.
ED: Extensor digiti minimi.

So mnemonic is
SID (C)CAP(P) (Read it as cap!) BAT Cu-ed.

Cu = Extensor carpi ulnaris (Supplied by radial nerve not ulnar nerve as it is extensor muscle)

~ Ojas

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  1. Thank you so much. How can we contribute? We all seem to have interesting tricks.


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