Monday, December 5, 2016

About me

Hey Awesomites!

Well, I am not a new author here. I am honored to write so many posts for the blog . Let me introduce myself so that all of you can know about me...

I am Jas Kunwar Singh, studying in final (part-1) year MBBS from SGRD Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Amritsar, India. I aim to be a Doctor one day and serve humanity, wherever on the Earth I might go. For me, there are no rich or poor, class or race, etc. There has been my one belief ever. "Love all, love humanity". No T&C apply ;p

Talking about passions and hobbies, I love photography, trance music, movies and shows (especially those full of adventures, horror, thrill and yea of course those related to medicine). Tom and Jerry was my most favorite cartoon ever. Oh, I have to confess, I still watch it sometimes. :D

Dreams. Do you believe in it? I do. Practically saying, if you are determined to achieve something (that is really possible ;p ), no one or nothing can stop you from conquering that one thing.  Aaaahhh!! The obstacles? There will be many. But it is your one dream that lets you go on in life.

I like to read fictions, inspirational books and novels in my free time whatever I get. You live in multiple places at one time ehile you are reading books. It enhances your imaginative power. And so I like to write as well. Exploring the world through my lens has been my favorite thing since childhood. I like to  meet new people no matter from where they are and know about their life, their perspective of life, culture, lifestyles, etc. It not only is a way of interaction but also I come to know about the problems they face in their daily life, about vast differences among people from different places, and yet all are so similar. I love the feeling. And then I hate it, because of the violence of humans against humanity itself..! And here we are.. budding doctors.. studying so hard so as to treat them and save precious lives. <3

Anyways.. I am glad I am here writing for you all and sharing valuable information and helping you through. Thank you so much! Love yea <3

Happy Medicowesome! :)

- Jaskunwar Singh


  1. Love reading your blogs! So insightful! :)


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