Monday, December 5, 2016

How to browse through knowledge on Medicowesome

So we have written over 1000 posts. It's absolutely crazy! :D

I had a REALLY tough time organizing the entire contents page. That's what happens when you don't plan through xD
Anyway, it's still under construction.

Here are some tips:

How to browse subject wise aka labels:
If you want to browse through all the posts in a particular subject at once, you may use the "Labels" option in the sidebar ^__^

Some labels were introduced later, like cardiology, etc, so ALL posts under cardiology may not be under the cardiology label. Which is why, I recommend the contents page for studying. ALL posts, till date are available on the contents page.

PS: The labels are not visible in the mobile version, so view web version to see the labels on the site.

Seaching for something specific:
You may use Ctrl + F to search for a keyword that you may be looking for.
Mobile users can use the find in page option.

The search option is also available on the site.

I recommend using search engines instead. If you remember reading a post on Pemphigus on Medicowesome, just Google / Bing, "Pemphigus Medicowesome" and you'll find the post you are looking for faster.

What are the hearts for?
Posts with the ♥ bullet are the best posts of the blog.. Be sure to check them out!
The ♥'s are given according to page views and feedback estimated by my judgement xP
If you particularly fancy a post that doesn't have the ♥ bullet, lemme know in the comments and we'll add a ♥  there! < 3
I am planning to remove the heart. It's under construction too.

Where are the study group discussions?
Here, on the Study group index. We are trying to merge SGI into contents page. Under construction.

Lastly, since I may have not updated the contents, please check the homepage for recent posts before you leave (:

Thanks Jas for all your help!

Have fun navigating your way through! =D

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