Sunday, December 25, 2016

Amaurosis fugax mnemonics

I was studying the causes of Amaurosis fugax today.. so i just made random mnemonics and thought of sharing with you guys :D

Amaurosis fugax is a transient uniocular loss of vision either due to lack of blood supply to the brain or to the retina itself.
The causes are broadly divided into four categories:
ONEHI  (Oh I just said a Hi ;p )

OCULAR causes- GONEI (gone- eye)
- Glaucoma (angle- closure)
- Ophthalmic artery obstruction
- Neuropathy of optic nerve
- Edema of optic disc
- Inflammatory causes (iritis, keratitis, blepharitis etc)

- Inflammation of optic nerve
- Classic migraine
- Papilledema

Now raised ICP may be due to any intracranial tumor which can also cause transient uniocular blindness. Also demyelinating diseases such as Multiple sclerosis can cause such condition due to uniocular conduction block resulting in defects in synaptic transmission.

- Transient ischemic attack
- Atherosclerosis (carotid, ophthalmic)
- Giant cell arteritis
- Excess vasoconstriction (vasospasm) for short period
- Valvular defects (cardiac arrhythmias)
- Erythematosus (systemic lupus)

Thats all
- Jaskunwar Singh


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