Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Buerger's disease

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Here's a short post on important points in diagnosis of Buerger's disease (don't confuse the name with Berger's disease which is IgA nephropathy) also known as Thromboangiitis obliterans.

- Recurrent inflammation and thrombosis of small and medium sized vessels
- Hands and feet are affected the most
- Vasculitis and ischemia (causing blackish discoloration of skin)
- Chronic smoking (a definite predisposing/ risk factor)

Clinical features and diagnostic criteria:
            - male patient 30-40 years of age
            - history of chronic tobacco use
            - Angiography: - cock- screw appearance of arteries of wrists and ankles
                                      - tree root/ spider leg appearance due to collateral circulation
            - Exclusion of other vascular diseases ( Raynaud's phenomenon, atherosclerosis, diabetes, hypertension, endocarditis, hypercoagulable states, auto-immune disorders) is important.
            - Skin biopsy (rare)

Note: A possible Rickettsial infection (mostly Rickettsia rickettsiae) could be there which adds on to the pathology of the disease!  (usually in cases of  amputation of the affected area)

Thats all!

- Jaskunwar Singh


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