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For all those who don't know what is glaucoma here is the quick review :-

There is damage to the optic nerve, etiology of glaucoma is yet to be known.

Generally, there is increase in intraocular tension , intraocular pressure above 25-30mm Hg which can cause loss of vision. In acute inflammation, WBCs and tissue debris can block exit of intraocular fluid through channel of Schlemm and in chronic conditions, especially in older individuals, fibrous occlusion of the trabecular spaces appears to be culprit!

Here are some drugs that can be used to treat glaucoma! In order to treat glaucoma either we can increase drainage of the fluid through channel of Schlemm or decrease formation of aqueous formation.

Alpha receptors decrease aqueous secretion and beta receptors normally increases aqueous secretions so we use Alpha agonists drugs and Beta antagonists drugs.

Beta antagonists: (All end with olol)
Here is a  mnemonic:
Tim can beat level of Methews .
Timolol. (Tim)
Carteolol. (Can)
Betaxolol. (Beat)
Levobunolol. (Level)
Metipranolol. (Methews)

Alpha agonists: (All end with idine)
Here is mnemonic:
Aparna clone brings dye for free
Apraclonidine. (Aparna clone )
Brimonidine. (Brings more )
Dipivefrine. (Dye for free )

Apart from alpha agonists and Beta antagonists we also use following drugs

Prostaglandins analogues: (All end with -oprost )
Prostaglandins usually increases out flow of fluid, here are some drugs of prostaglandins.
Travoprost .
Latanoprost .
Bimatoprost .

Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors (All ends with zolamide )
They act by decreasing aqueous secretions.
Here are drugs causing carbonic anhydrase inhibition.

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