Thursday, December 15, 2016

Causes of Acute Pancreatitis

Hi guys,

I have an exam soon and I was struggling with this, so, I made this up!

To remember causes of Acute Pancreatitis, you need to think of none other than your nursery school days! :P

So, here we go- ABCDEFGHI, (oh wait did I just say "HI" :P)

Now going a little off track, but, when I was small I used to do a lot of gardening, so I remember rest of the causes as Me POT.

Alcohol ingestion  (acute or chronic)
Biliary calculus
Connective tissue diseases- SLE, TTP,  PAN
Drugs- diuretics- frusemide, thiazide. (Others are anti retroviral drugs, sulphomamides, tetracycline, tamoxifen, etc)
Endoscopic procedures
Familial/ Genetic
Hereditary Pancreatitis/ Hyperparathyroidism/ hypercalcemia/ Hypertrigylceridemia
Infections- viral

Metabolic conditions - renal failure,
Penetrating Peptic Ulcer
OPC poisoning
Trauma to abdomen

Phew, a long list. Isn't it?

Hope it helps!!
That's it!


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