Thursday, December 15, 2016

Head transplant

Recently during surfing on net ,i came across very interesting topic of surgery -Head transplant ,would like to share with you all people
World's 1st attempt to transplant a human head was launched in year 2015 at a surgical conference in united states.
Procedure was 1st put forward by Sergio canavero -an Italian neurosurgeon.
The actual procedure will be as followed :

Two teams will work in concert making deep incisions on patient's neck exposing vital arteries, veins and nerves ,next step is the most crucial step of cutting spinal cord using $200,000 diamond nanoblade !.
Head is than moved on to donors body and spinal cord can be fused together using polyethylene glycol to encourage the fat in cell membrane to mesh out once the neck is transplanted
and then patient would then be placed into a coma for about a month to prevent movement and to allow healing procedure
while implanted electrodes provide regular electrical stimulation to spinal cord finally when patients wakes up from coma he will be able to see his face and speak !!!! But will need a physiotherapy for 1 year to begin walking .
Dr sergio canavero said that surgery would be ready in 2017 probably .
A computer scientist Spiridonov with Werdnig-Hoffman disease has volunteered to offer his head to study as he is suffering from incurable spinal muscular atrophy and has decided to give one final shot to have a new body !



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