Saturday, December 3, 2016

DON'T use Perfumes to test Olfactory nerve!!! But why?

Hi folks,

Our Neurology professor said not to use Perfumes to test Olfactory nerve in Cranial nerve testing. But why?

It is because, perfumes being a chemical, can stimulate Trigeminal nerve as well as Olfactory nerve, giving irritations or other unwanted side effects to some patients.

I wanted to do some research on this, and found out this is true. As in Shusterman, Denis (2002), Cornetto-Muniz(1998) the chemical irritants like perfumes can cause Trigemical irritation.

So what our professor said was true. Don't use perfumes in order to avoid unexpected side effects by patients.

So what can we use? It seems coffee powder is a good option. :) Always remember to use familiar smells without any auditory cues.

Thanks goes to Prof. Dr. Rasay for this important point which lead me to research on it! Thanks to all the readers too! :)

With love,
Jay :)

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