Saturday, December 3, 2016

The updated Glasgow Coma Scale

Hi Awesomites,

The Glasgow coma scale or GCS as we know it has changed since its inception in 1974.

So lets go!

Main differences are 
  • We no longer use the term "Pain", but "Pressure"
  • We no longer recommend "Sternal Rub", but "Trapezius Pinch" or "Supraorbital notch pressure" or careful "Fingertip pressure"(Peripheral stimulation)
  • "To speech" is changed to "To Sound"
  • "To pain" is changed to "To pressure"
  • "Inappropriate speech" is changed to "Words"
  • "Incomprehensible speech" is changed to "Sounds"
  • Flexion is defined two way now as "Normal flexion" and "Abnormal flexion"

The differences between 1974 and 2014 updates are as follows.

You can read more details on the update, in this link. Download the pdf in the page which is the original paper.


With love,

Jay :) 

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