Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Enzymes and the Type of Reactions they Catalyze ( Part 2 : TRANSFERASES)

Hey guys, Jay here once again with Part 2. Here we will talk about Transferases!

Transferases, do Transfer! But transfer what? There are two major types of Transferases!

  • Transaminase --> Transfer of an Amino group between substrates
  • Kinases --> Transfer of a Phosphate group between substrates often from ATP
  • Methyltranferase --> Tranfers single-carbon units between substrates
  • Phosphorylase -->Transfers inorganic phosphate to a substrate


What does Kinase even mean? It comes from the greek work Kinein means "To move". It originally had nothing to do with Phosphates. But now we almost exclusively use this for Phosphate transfers. :)

Jay :)

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