Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Enzymes and the Type of Reactions they Catalyze ( Part 3 : HYDROLASES)

Back with Part 3 guys! It's Jay with Hydrolases! :P

There are 5 major classes of Hydrolases. They always Hydrolyse means breaking it down with the help of H2O.

  • Lipase - Hydrolysis of ESTER linkages of lipids
  • Protease - Hydrolysis of AMIDE linkages of proteins
  • Nuclease - Hydrolysis of SUGAR PHOSPHATE ESTER linkages of Nucleic Acids. Phosphodiesterases also do the same
  • Carbohydrase - Hydrolysis of GLYCOSIDIC bonds of Carbohydrates
  • Phosphatase - Hydrolysis of PHOSPHATE ESTER bonds.

Also please note, that the types of bonds in CAPITAL ITALICIZED letters are the major types of bonds in those biomolecules as well as the bonds that break due to these enzymes.

Jay :)

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