Monday, December 19, 2016

Median nerve

Median nerve
Root value :C5-T1
IMP points
1)Median nerve is most medial content of Cubital fossa
In Cubital fossa it gives 3
Branches to flexor muscles
Remember this mnemonics
Feel Climate (in) Rajasthan,Days (in) Singapore (in) PLs
Flexor carpi radialis  .(FELL CLIMATE -Rajasthan)
Flexor digitorum superficials(Days
in -Singapore) 
Palmaris Longus (PLs) .
In forearm it gives Anterior interosseous branch which supplies:-
1)Lateral half of flexor digitorum profundus (Well,medial half is supplies by ulnar nerve)
2)Pronator quadratus(my Fav!)
3)Flexor policies Longus(Extensor policies Longus and brevis both supplied by radial  nerve)
In palm ,median nerve supplies 5 muscles !
3 thenar muscles ,(Abductor pollicis brevis ,flexor pollicies brevis  ,opponens pollicis )
Lateral 2 lumbricals!
Clinical anatomy:
1)Known as labourers nerve /eye of hand
2)Pointing index finger occurs due to paralysis of long flexors of digit .
3)Ape or monkey thumb deformity if thenar muscles are paralysed
4)Must know carpal tunnel syndrome(Happens when median nerve is trapped )REMEMBER Skin over the thenar eminence is not affected as the branch of median nerve supplying it arises from forearm
5)FROMENT's.sign/Book holding test &paper holding test is done to test median nerve .
6) Complete claw hand when Ulnar and median nerves are paralysed.


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