Monday, December 19, 2016

Medipicsowesome: An introduction


The Medicowesome family has decided to create a library of medical pictures. Excited? =)

We are going to label all these posts as Medipicsowesome.

It'll contain pictures of specimens, diseases, instruments, etc.

Since we wish to avoid copyright issues, we will be taking permission for most pictures / giving credits from which they're taken. If a picture belongs to you and you do not wish to see it uploaded on the site, email us at and we will take it down immediately.

I have taken permission from the patients for pictures clicked in my wards, explaining they'll be uploaded on the blog for medical students to learn. Only after their permission, I have uploaded the pictures. To maintain confidentiality, I will blur eyes / faces too.

If you want to share cases you've seen on Medipicsowesome, we'll be happy to upload it. Just email us the picture with a description and make sure you have the permission of the patient!
Subject: Medipicsowesome submission

That's all!
The idea was come up by all authors, especially, Sakkan. Thanks for the encouragement everyone else! < 3

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