Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Principal cell: How to remember it's function and location in the nephron

Principal cell
Late distal tubule and collecting duct.
Reabsorbs sodium and water.
Secretes potassium.

How to remember all this -

Diagram explanation:
It is our school principal with bottles in his hand.
In his pocket, Na chips too because he likes to eat salty chips. (Absorbs sodium)
Principal pouring potassium bottle it means he secretes potassium.
Water in his hand means he absorb more water 

He is saying, "Sorry, I am late."
There's a reason for that, because it helps us to find his location.

That's all.
Khamid kan

Mnemonic by IkaN:
PrincipAL manages ALL students and teachers because it responds to ALdosterone.

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