Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Ulnar nerve

Ulnar nerve
Nerve root :C7-T1.
Key points :
On the back of medial epicondyle of humerus ulnar nerve can be palatable it produces tingling sensations Hence humerus is called as "Funny bone".
Ulnar nerve is not a content of Cubital fossa .
Remember:Ulnar nerve supplies total 15 muscles  in hand!
3 hypothenar eminence ,medial 2 lumbricals ,4 dorsal and 4 Palmer interossei and ADDuctor pollicis
Palmaris brevis
Forearm(Read carefully don't get confused)
Medial half of flexor digitorum profundus(Thinking about lateral half ??!!! Well ,it is supplied by Median nerve )
Flexor carpi ulnaris (Thinking about extensor carpi ulnaris ?! Read  carefully ,Supplied by radial nerve)
Clinical anatomy:
1)Musician nerve
2)Ulnar nerve lesion at the wrist :Ulnar claw hand which shows
a)Hyperextension at metacarpophalangeal joints and flexion at the interphalangeal joints ,involving ring and little fingers (Little finger is held in extension by extensor muscles )
b)Sensory loss is confined to the medial one third of the palm and medial one and a half fingers including nail bed .Medial half of dorsum of hands also shows Sensor loss
c)Vasomotor changes :Skin is warmer due to arteriolar dilation ,it is also drier due to absence of sweating because of loss of sympathetic supply.
d)Trophic changes:Long standing cases of paralysis lead to dry and scaly skin .The nails crack easily
It should be noted that median nerve lesions are more disabling.In contrast ,Ulnar nerve lesions leave a relatively efficient hand


  1. It should be 3 hypothenar muscles instead of 4

    1. Ohoo yeah it supplies three muscles.Thanks for correcting me.

      Ulnar nerve supplies 3 muscles
      Opponens digiti minimi
      Abductor digiti minimi
      Flexor digiti minimi


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