Sunday, December 4, 2016

Scarlet fever notes and mnemonic

Hello. How are you awesomites?

Let's talk about scarlet fever today!

Scarlet fever, also known as scarlatina, is characterize by exudative pharyngitis, fever and scarlatiniform rash.

It's caused by erythrogenic toxin producing GABHS (Group A Beta Hemolytic Streptococci)

Characterized by:
- Fever, headache
- Sore throat, circumoral pallor
- Sandpaper rash (Pinpoint, erythematous blanchable papules), erythema trunk, pastia lines
- Lymphadenopathy

- Rapid antigen detection test is specific, but not sensitive.
- If it is negative, do throat culture.
- Elevated ASO, DNAse maybe seen.

- Treatment as long as 9 days after the onset of symptoms prevents rheumatic fever.
- Oral penicillin, amoxicillin for 10 days.
- Cephalosporins, macrolides are alternatives. (Penicillin resistant group A staphylococcus doesn't exist.)
- If adherence problem, intramuscular benzathine penicillin G.

That's all!
The only fever I have is for Scarlett Johansson =P

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