Sunday, December 25, 2016

Syndromic Management Of RTI/SRI

*Syndromic Management*📁📗🏳📘📕📒📓

Mnemonic :: *Great Girls Wont Buy Red Yellow Bags*

*Kit 1 - Grey*
*Kit 2 - Green*
*Kit 3 - White*
*Kit 4 - Blue*
*Kit 5 - Red*
*Kit 6 - Yellow*
*Kit 7 - Black*

*Kit 1 is GreaT*

*Kit 2 is Green*
_*BV CA Green TV*_
Coz no self respectingan would buy a green TV...he'll buy it out of love for wife😜😜😜

Bacterial Vaginosis
Candida Albicans
Trichomonas Vaginalis

*Kit-3 is ABC*
Benzathine penicillin

For Chancre and chancroid

Also notice C is 3rd letter and 3 letters ABC in the mnemonic for Kit 3

*Kit - 4 Remember that if you forget this then its BAD*

Azithral coz allergy to penicillin

*Kit - 5 is Red as in Mnemonic*
Remember that Red is for love and love is *Her* eyes and smile

*Kit - 6 is Yellow as in Mnemonic*

Yel *low* for *low*er abd pain

*Kit - 7 is Black* coz last colour is the colour palate also BLAC


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  1. Thank u so much though not exactly matched but helped me a lot...thank u and loved it


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