Saturday, December 24, 2016

Vitamin D and multiple sclerosis

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Since I have written posts regarding the association of vitamin D deficiency with certain neurological disorders previously, I am here again with one more addition into the box (on sincere request of our main author IkaN.. :p ).

The recent studies have suggested a link between the deficiency of vitamin D in- utero and onset of multiple sclerosis in old age based on the fact that this essential nutrient has its role in suppression of T- cell function and  macrophage inactivation which prevents the immune reactions and further harmful processes in nerve cells.

The vitamin D deficiency (insufficient binding of vitamin D to its receptors because of low levels) leads to irregulation in the levels of neurotrophins (esp nerve growth factor) and calcium homeostasis dysregulation which results in accumulation of toxic materials in and around the nerve fibre bundles that makes the nerve cells vulnerable to immune destruction and inflammatory processes. This makes the deficit of myelin- producing cells (the essential substance for insulation of nerve cells).

The loss of such cells of neurons disrupts the continuation between cells, i.e. the cells lose the ability to communicate and so the electrical signals (action potentials) are not carried further thus resulting in the associated signs and symptoms in the patient making the treatment even more difficult.

Vitamin D levels in newborns-
                     <30 nanomoles/ litre : deficient
                 30- 50 nanomoles/ litre : insufficient
               more than or equal to 50 : sufficient

However, the risk of multiple sclerosis is the highest when the vitamin d levels drop down to less than 21 nmol/L.
High dose supplementation of vitamin D3 (upto 10,000 IU daily for six months) has been shown to be beneficial in the patients of multiple sclerosis and a decrease in the levels of CD4+ and IL-17 in addition to suppression of T- cell function and improvement in the signs and symptoms has been noted.

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- Jaskunwar Singh

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