Friday, January 20, 2017

Argyll Robertson Pupil : Mnemonic

Hello everyone ! I'm back with a short and sweet post on Argyll Robertson Pupil.

Mnemonic for Argyll Robertson  Pupil (ARP) :
ARP Accomodation reflex present
PRA Pupillary reflex absent.

It's seen in conditions like Neurosyphilis for which it is extremely specific. 
You could also see it in some form of strokes or Diabetic Neuropathy.

Another similar Pupillary reaction is Aedes pupil. The difference is Aedes is a  dilated pupil while Argyll's is constricted. How to remember this ?
Mnemonic : AeDes.
So Aedes is tonically Dilated.

Hope this helped !
Stay aweosme.

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