Saturday, January 14, 2017

Artificial skin

Hello awesomites !!! Today's topic is something that really has created revolution in the entire human race - "Artificial skin"

Skin is the largest organ of our body. It consists of three parts Epidermis, dermis and fatty layer. Epidermis serves as the protective layer of the skin, it prevents the entry of the pathogen into body with the help of sebaceous and sweat glands along with long chain fatty acids, and dermis consists of all the nerves, artery and veins that supply skin. Fatty layer maintain the body temperature.
A damage to the skin through burns causes loss of large number of plasma and it provides free entry to pathogens into body. Artificial skin was discovered by Loannis yannas & his colleague surgeon Dr John burke.

Artificial skin was discovered to replace bandages, which cannot seal large damage areas. Patients with extensive burns often die as bandages cannot heal their wounds completely. Even if patient survives some scars are left behind on skin. Artificial skin consists of collagen polymers. Collagen is protein found in skin. Artificial skin helps patient to grow skin without forming any scars. It has been commercially prepared under name as IntegraTM.

It is also used in plastic surgery and also in chronic skin wounds.
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