Friday, January 13, 2017

Replacement to open heart surgery

Hello awesomites today I am gonna tell you something that is really -really interesting and fascinating !.
We all know how crucial is open heart surgery in some conditions, here is one of the alternative methods of open heart surgery.(For some conditions)

Alternative method :-
For the 1st time a new catheter technology was used in place of open heart surgery.
Cardioband is a low impact method to fix leaky mitral or tricuspid valve in heart. The catheter technology offers a minimal invasive alternative to heal a leaky valve. It enables the tightening of a leaky annulus in the heart. During this procedure, the band is placed around the open valves using catheter. It is served with anchors & tightened using a wire until the valve is fully closed. Until now , only treatment of leaky tricuspid was open heart surgery.

Now patient  previously thought to be inoperable will have chance to be treated.
University Zurich hospital successfully performed first tricuspid surgery using cardioband .
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