Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Glycogen Storage Diseases : Mnemonic

Hi everyone.
I'm back with a short post. This one is about Glycogen storage diseases which, again,  we all hate to remember  :'D Hope you like it.

So Remember :

Very Pompously CAMe Her Tears.

1. Very =  Von Gierke's
2. Pompously = Pompe's
3. C = Cori's / Forbe's 
4. A = Anderson
5. M = McArdle's
6. Her = Her's (we'll at least Remember this one :'D)
7. Tears = Tarui's

So that's that.
Now how do we remember which is Muscular and which is hepatic ?

Remember :
The Muscular get kissed under the Mistle Toe.

So the ones involving the Muscles are :
Mistle = McArdle
Toe = Tarui's.

Also remember :
Pompeii the city was a wh*re. So it went everywhere and hence Pompe's is both Muscular and Hepatic.

That's all for now. It may seem like a lot of crap to simply memorize these Glycogenosis but you'll realise they form an excellent aid for memory :D and are super important whether you want to do USMLE or Indian PG.
So c'mon ! Burn those Glycogens in your liver and get some Glucose into your head ;)
Stay awesome.
Happy studying.

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