Tuesday, January 24, 2017

At risk babies criteria mnemonic

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How do we define and on what basis do we label a newborn as an "at risk baby"? Well, it is very important to make a right approach to the risks and factors which affect the health of a newborn. So I just mnemonified the factors in a very simple way. Just remember the words: RISK APPROACH 

R- Referral weight- check for the weight of the baby. It should not be less than 70% of the referral weight (taken to be approximately 2500g), i.e. a newborn less than 1800g body weight must be referred to a paediatric health care centre for further investigation.
I- Insufficient breastfeeding- check for maternal and infant factors affecting the supply of milk.
S- Spacing (between subsequent pregnancies) less than 2 years
K- Kilograms of weight loss during first 2 months after birth- 5-10% weight loss in the first 10 days of life in a breastfed baby is normal. Investigate into the matter if the baby loses excess weight.
A- Acute episodes of illness (congenital or environmental factors)
P- Plural birth (or twin birth) or Premature birth
P- Parental illness is a must to check to determine risk of inherited disorders and illness in the newborn.
R- Raised birth order (five or more)
O- One parent
A- Active mother- Ask about her occupation and if she is working and about her lifestyle.
C- Constant failure to gain weight during the first few months of life
H- History of previous pregnancy and death of any sibling, if any must be taken into consideration.

Thats all
- Jaskunwar Singh

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