Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Interesting and rare disease:Ectopic cordis

Hello awesomites ,really tired of all the bookish knowledge so for time being I switched my self to internet,and came across some of the rarest and the most interesting diseases of all the time !
Here is the first one -Ectopic cordis.

What is -Ectopic cordis?
It is the disease where the heart is located at abnormal position that is places other than thorax or sometimes partially at thorax.It is a congenital disorder

Cause :-
It is caused due to improper maturation of the mesoderm and ventral body wall durig embryonic development.Lateral wall is responsible for fusion at midline to form ventral wall any change in this process may lead to -Ectopic cordis.

Depending upon situation of the heart in patient ,ectopic cordis is classified into 4 parts :-

Defects seen:-
1) Ventricular septal defect .
2)Atrial septal defect.
3)Absence of tricuspid valve.(Tri-cuspid atresia)
4)Fallots tetralogy. (http://www.medicowesome.com/2017/01/teratology-of-fallot.html)

Unfortunately the only treatment is surgery !
Not all the surgeries are successful .
Patients of ectopic cordis hardly can live for long years as there are more chances of infections to heart .

That's it for today.
Internet is interesting:)

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