Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New drug:Tideglusib

Hello awesomites ! Today's blog is about new drug -Tideglusib.

Tideglusib is actually Alzheimer's drug and is also used in paralysis of supranuclear palsy!
However this drug is currently in news because of its ability to stimulate repair of teeth .

Use of this drug can cause end of dental fillings .
Mechanism of action of drug
The mechanism is roughly known .It acts in 2 ways
1)It stimulates stem cells in the pulp of the teeth to generate new dentine and heal small cavities.(Dentine is hard dense bony tissue that forms your teeth)
2)Inhibits an enzyme called as GSK-3 which prevents formation of dentine !,

Progress in research:
Drug is successful tested on mice .They soaked biodegradable sponges in the drug and then placed them in cavity .The sponges melts away over time,leaving only the repaired tooth but for use in humans ,the drug is still under research.

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