Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The GLUT's : Mnemonic

Hello everyone !
I'm back with another short post on biochemistry.
It's about the Glucose transporters which we all hate :D So let's get down to it.
GLUT - Short for Glucose Transporters , are channels present in our body that bring about glucose uptake. They are forms of Facilitated transport mechanism and basically occur across a Concentration gradient.
Now it's important for us to understand their location , function and regulation if we want a good understanding of Glucose metabolism. But this can get a little tedious , hence this post.
There are a total of 4 major GLUTs. Out of which one is dependent on insulin and the others are not.
So first we're doing insulin independent ones.
Remember :
Kid's LiPs are
GLUT 1 -
Remember : BBB.
B - Blood ( The RBCs)
B - Baby  (So fetal tissue)
B - BBB ( The Blood brain barrier itself )
GLUT 2 -
Remember :  Kid's LiPs
Kid's - Kidneys
Li - Liver
Ps - Pancreatic Beta cells
GLUT 3 -
Remember : PiNK
Pi - Placenta
N - Neurons
K - Kidneys

Now we come to the Dependent one.
GLUT 4 -
Remember :
Father Mother Depend.
Father - Fat
Mother - Muscles ( Cardiac / Skeletal)
Now how do we remember this ?
In general the Mother and Father are who we depend on ! But in biochemistry the mother and father themselves depend on insulin. ! And the baby ( BBB etc) are independent.
Got it ?
Hope this helped.
It's something I've struggled with.
Happy studying. !
Stay awesome


  1. This was super helpful! Always love mnemonics to help me remember bio facts

  2. Thank youuu!!! Love this!!

  3. This was really helpful. Such a creative mnemonic 👏🏽 thanks bro. God bless :)

  4. While i do like this mnemonic, it is a bit aged. While GLUT 2 Transporters are definitely present in pancreatic Beta-Cells, recent studies show that mostly GLUT 1 (and to a certain degree GLUT 3) are the predominant Glucose transporters here.
    This sums it up fairly well :)


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