Monday, February 27, 2017

Dealing with psm

This was a question from one of our to how to deal with psm.

Personally I too have dealt with a lot of trauma related to it. So I will share you my own tips and tricks.

Just keep this basic funda in your head while dealing psm. YOU DONT HAVE TO READ EVERYTHING.

Never start reading psm chapters from the very first page. You will be lost in a whirlpool so huge and exhaust yourself to the limits in a matter of hours..and you are bound to never touch the book again.

Now how to approach it..if say your professor is teaching a chapter on contraceptives. Just go through ONLY last three year worth questions..and mark out all the questions just for contraceptives. Never do the whole ten years or five years  questions together. Cause you will end up marking the whole book..and that depresses you. So first start last three years.

Once you have done the marking. Psm has one lovely plus point..that apart from the humongous also has charts and diagrams. READ the diagrams first..the flow charts those should be the ones you should learn first. And for answers who don't have flow charts..and have things like components and sub headings of this and that and shit..I suggest just mugg up the names of the sub topics. Just the names only. Make mnemonics, make weird whatever but you need to learn them.
This trick is important cause think of your examiner. He is tired of reading the same old answers over and over again. So if you go ahead and make beautiful flow charts..or if you just emphasise on the various components and sub headings itself..your job is half done.

And regarding the actual reading of the text. Do it later when you feel more confident..and that time also just stick to the specific answers from previous yr papers.

psm is crazy huge..I have learnt that during exams it was more easy to make up matter to write for psm..but what I didn't remember was that one word of the sub headings or details of the flow chart.
And that's where you go wrong.

Let me know if it helped you and also if any other doubts.


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